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Pretty Sweet Video


So a few months ago I went to see Mark Beaumont give a talk about his Americas trip at Edinburgh Uni as part of the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. Preceeding the talk 3 films were shown. The first of which being “Pretty Sweet”: a film about a group of friends who go off on trips around Europe with their mountain bikes and try and find the most exciting trails in the mountains. It was a very enjoyable watch for me, especially as the first part of the video showed some Cumbrian scenery which is the area where I grew up. I emailed them that night when I got back to ask about some of the music they used and to share my appreciation for the fine spectacle they had worked very hard to create. David Martin replied to me and also found my myspace page, back then this website did not even exist. He asked me to send a few tracks to him to possibly use in a future film. Below is this film:

Many thanks to David and friends, check out their other videos and projects here.

The track they used was “The Ladybird who went to the Moon”, you can download and hear the full version here.

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