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Some piano time.


I’ve mentioned before that my main acoustic guitar is sounding a bit naff at the moment, I need to get it repaired. So I thought I would try and focus more on the piano. I’ve only been playing for about a year and about 1% of my musical instrument playing time is spent playing the piano, the rest is all guitar. So now I’m forcing myself to start some compositions with the piano and add guitar when required. Today I came up with this:

piano 1

Hopefully by next Sunday I’ll have 6 or so “piano tracks” up as an album at bandcamp for free download.

Today I got offered a months work at my most recent workplace, so more “fuel for the fire”. I also got offered a very nice discount at my local gym (Excite, Bathgate). I’ve also been sent my first freebie – a “Dazer”: an ultrasonic dog deterrent device. “Excite” and “Dazer” will become the first sponsors of Global Guitar and will appear in the sidebar and in the sponsors section very soon.

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