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Preparation and some music


Less than a month to go till I set off…..really starting to get things organised now.  I’ve been at the nurses every week and will be for the next 3 getting vaccinations and advice. Gathering last few bits of kit, eating lots and training are my 3 other main occupations at the moment. 3 more shifts left at work next week then I’ll have 3 weeks spare to get everything ready. Heading through to Glasgow tomorrow on the bike with guitar and trailer, need to see about getting the guitar repaired and hopefully learn some tips and tricks so I can keep it sounding as good as possible whilst out on the road.

I haven’t really been playing my main guitar for some time now. I challenged myself to try and record some music starting with the piano. I’ve only just started playing the piano and my fingers are not very proficient at it yet, so I need to use lots of layers to make something respectable, check out the 4 tracks below.

I will miss it when I’m gone but will hopeful encounter many a piano along the way (and hopefully many other instruments to have a go at).

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