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Equipment failure and only a week to go.


A week today I set off! Feeling excited, can’t wait to be on the road. As of today I think I have all the bits and bobs I need to set off.

However it’s been a recurring problem of mine to have equipment failing on me. I set off today to cycle to Edinburgh and back and felt something odd in my back wheel as I set off down my street. I look down to see the inner tube bursting through the rubber of the tyre:

(a couple of the splits, there were about half a dozen more)

So looks like these tyres won’t be coming with me. These were just my winter “knobblies” and am quite glad to revert back to my skinny slicks.

All my waterproofs seem to be springing leaks as well. Just replaced some gloves today and I’ve got a feeling my once excellent and indispensable waterproof socks have sprung a leak too.


Had a couple of “articles” in papers last week. My local paper printed a nice big article with a fair amount of spin and some slight miss-quoting. This led to about ten words in the Scottish Sun the following day, not really the kind of journalism I’m after really. On the same day though: this article was posted online ( . Now that’s the kind of journalism I do like.

Thank you

Big thank you to relatives and friends who have sent me cards and money for the trip: John, Gillian, Audrey, Jack, Mary, Brian and Sue. That money will go a long way on the road, thank you very much.

Big thank you to all the well wishers and messages of support I’ve been receiving by email too.

This blog during the trip

After a very interesting blog post by the world bike touring godfather Alastair Humphreys, I’ve decided to hold back on writing long blog posts during my trip. I will save my words and my stories for when I’ve finished, focusing on music, photos and videos. These are more immediate and accessible whilst engaging the imagination. I won’t be telling you details about what I’m up to – it’s up the viewer to imagine how it is. Music is very subjective and can provoke different feelings in different people. I hope the combination of music and images/video will provide a more engaging and interactive experience for those who wish to follow my journey – and each person will interpret these in different ways. Then after I’ve finished you can read my story once it’s written up into something accessible and see if it matches your interpretation of it.

So the blog will be updated as will twitter/fb. Blog updates will contain links for newly uploaded music, photos and videos. Also occasional written asides but none pertaining to the trip. Twitter/fb will provide updates when I enter a new country/city but it will NOT let you know every time I get a puncture, have a hard day, see something quaint, something on my bike breaks or how many times I’m accosted by a local wondering why I’ve got a guitar strapped to my trailer.

So do subscribe if you haven’t already BLOG, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PODCAST (click view in itunes then subscribe).

It’s going to be quite an experience for me personally and I hope it will be a fun and entertaining experience for followers of the trip.

The final week

So for my last week at home I’ll be getting everything ready for departure day. I have my final vaccination tomorrow from the lovely Practice Nurse Alison. I’ll miss our monday sessions of preparing, joking about the extreme dangers and pain (plus the tuesday vaccination hangovers). Then it’s off to Edinburgh for a couple of days to see some friends. Thursday and Friday: packing. Then on saturday a few friends are coming around midday to see me off. Then at around 1pm on the 26th February I will head off on my own and begin this journey. I doubt I’ll get very far that day but it will be a start: a start to something I’ve been thinking about for the last 2 years. I try ┬áto imagine how this will feel. I remember when I finished my last exam for university and the overwhelming feelings I felt walking back to my flat. I wonder if it will be like that or if it will take a while to sink in. As per my blog intentions stated above you can wait 3-4 years to find out!! Maybe some of my first recordings for the trip will reflect those feelings.

Anyways, I’ve got another post lined up for when I leave which includes a hilarious hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy reference that only those who know of my most recent employment activities will appreciate. One to look out for!!!

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  1. Bad news about the gear failures – I suspect these won’t be the last equipment photos you’ll be posting. Although West Lothian roads are pretty shocking… My chain snapped on the way back from the allotment today. I was only a 5 minute walk from home so not ‘quite’ the drama you’re facing. So excited about your countdown – can’t wait for your trip to start!

  2. Regarding following alistairs advice, i’ve done a few tours now though none around the world. I’d say if you think you might want ot write about it later one, write as much as you can about it while you are doing it. If you are writing for an audience, you will probably write better and keep better details. So i disagree with alistair in that regard. However, certainly do the trip for yourself rather than to satisfy an audience. Write a blog for your friends and family’s sake. They will be your most regular followers and they will lap up every word. It will make you feel closer to them while you are away.

    One thing i did to try to make my emails (cuase i didn’t write a blog) more interesting and not too full of dull detail, was to try to write about the highlight of each place or day or whatever, depending on how often i wrote. If you write about a highlight (main event which might even be a lowlight) it will be more interesting. And you will enjoy telling it. And it won’t be a ramble of mundane detail.

    Well that’s my two bobs worth.

    Have a good trip.

  3. After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any way you’ll be able to remove me from that service? Thanks!

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