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……a musical cycle around the world

So long and thanks for all the fish.


….and so the time has come to pack up everything onto my bike and head out on my own on this journey that has consumed my thoughts for the last 3 years. I feel excited for what lies ahead and have not a shred of doubt in my head. I know it’s going to be a huge challenge but I’m 100% confident I will rise to the challenges and be cycling back down my street towards my home in a few years time.

This is not goodbye though; I hope to see many friends on the way (and make many more). Even while I’m gone you can see and hear what I’m doing. Via the website I will be keeping you up-to-date with what I’m up to and where I am even when I am not near a computer or the internet (thanks to assistance from Global Guitar HQ – Dave and Jess – my brother and my sister-in-law, big thanks to them in advance). I will be uploading photos, videos, a regular podcast, blog updates and periodically releasing the music I will be making in a collection/album for download.

I’ll be interacting as much as possible with local people to try and produce diverse and compelling sounds through the different environments I’ll be traversing, sampling other instruments, voices and general ambience. By the end I will have a rather unique musical documentation of the trip. I’m very excited to see how it turns out, I hope you will listen and download the albums as they are “released”.

All the music will be available for free. It will also be available to download for a donation. Half of this money will be donated to the Hear the World Foundation. The other half will go towards me completing this trip; I am relying on my own savings for the trip, which will struggle to last for 3-4 years on the road.

This gives people the choice, the choice to support something (or not to) and a moment to think about why they want to support something.

I’ve chosen to support the Hear the World Foundation. I’m fortunate enough to have good hearing and my life is enriched by this through music, sounds and conversation. It is tragic that 16% of the world’s population suffer with hearing defects. The majority of these people can’t afford a hearing aid and due to a lack of information: these sufferers are often stigmatised and their quality of life is very poor. The Hear the World Foundation, set up by Phonak – a leading manufacturer of hearing aids, aim to provide financial and technological assistance to centres across the world that serve to treat hearing deficiencies and provide support to sufferers.

I’ll be talking more about the Hear the World Foundation as I go, please have a look at their website.


To save checking back at my website/forgetting about it, you can subscribe to the blog and receive emails whenever I post something new.

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And subscribe to the podcast which will have lots of lovely videos, music and photo slideshows which can be delivered to your itunes and put on your ipod etc. (click view in itunes then subscribe)

(Albums will be uploaded to my bandcamp page. I’ll make sure and have a blog, status update and video out whenever that happens.)


Please keep in touch!!
email: or
mobile: 07780653886

If you are on the way, want to join me, have a bed/back garden for the night, want to contribute to the music, have information or contacts, want to say hello, have any questions etc….please feel free to send me an email.

I’m off to enjoy the “raw throb of existence” (Into the Wild)


P.S. I spent the last 4 months working in a fish factory, in case you didn’t “get” the post title. (it’s also a reference from Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

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  1. Best of luck Robbie. Enjoy the experience. Look forward to keeping track of your many adventures!!

  2. As a firm Hitchhiker fan the quote made me smile.
    Good luck as you set out on your great adventure.

  3. Good luck on your journey. You should have been cycling for at least a couple of hours by now. Listening to the album – right now the Ladybird Who Went to the Moon – seems like a good place to be.

  4. 2.ジャパン (日本), see you there mate. Best of luck and all that. A little bit of Arthur Dent in you will go a long, long way :)

  5. All the best on your adventure, looking forward to following your travels!

  6. Best of luck Robbie. Looking forward to hearing the new songs as you go.

    In your last post you said you were no longer going to write much on your blog because of something that Al Humphreys wrote. I’m a big fan of his and I enjoyed the thrust of the article you’re referring to but, if you’re counting opinions, then mine would be to not worry about what other people think. If you want to write lengthy updates on your blog everyday then it won’t detract one bit from your adventure.

    If not, then we’ll enjoy the photos, videos and music anyway. Bon voyage!

  7. good luck Robbie from all of us…hope all your dreams and hopes for this trip come true

    • skriver:Hej, kan tyvärr inte svara på det. Det är en yrkeshemlighet…Men dokumentet är det äkta och det som bl a Olof Palme fick ta del av.Speciellt punkt 1 är intressant: "att vissa flickor tillhört även den polska unualrättelsetj&edmr;nstens stall."AJ  

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