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First album: “Away We Go”


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So I’m cycling around the world and I couldn’t leave my guitar behind. I have a basic 8 track recording device and microphone and inbetween cycing and sleeping I enjoy playing and recording music as I go.

It was easier said than done for the first part of the trip. I was on a very tight schedule to meet people and was still adapting to cycling. The nerves in my hands were constantly being affected by cycling and as a result I’ve been unable to play the guitar as much as I would like.

I’m eager to meet fellow musicians/singers along the road who can contribute to the recordings. “Away We Go” features only myself, my guitar, a piano and plenty of background bird noises. With a more relaxed schedule ahead I’m hoping I’ll have a more diverse offering next time.

As I’m still getting acquainted with my recording device some tracks may need more volume than others. High volume and earphones are advised to hear all the litte serendipidous details that I leave in. If I had more time, more access to electricity and more patience I could be more precise and calculating with each track. As it goes I generally go with the first take and if there’s a bird shrieking in the distance then I figure it can stay there.

Showing your support

My trip is completely self funded and is intended to last around 2 and a half years. Half of any donation made when downloading the album will help me to complete the trip and help finance the cost of campsites/hostels/wifi needed for recording/uploading. The other half of the donation will go to the Hear the World Foundation. The foundation supports and provides hearing aids to people with hearing deficiencies throughout the world. As music is such an important part of my life and is such an integral part of my trip: I want to raise more awareness of this problem and more awareness of the Hear the World Foundation.

If you’d prefer that all of your donation went to the Hear the World Foundation then you can donate directly here and download “Away We Go” for free.

So what now?

You can check my new altered route at my route page. Next up is Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and then Turkey. Then I’m hoping to cross Iran into Turkmenistan but that is dependent on being granted an Iranian Visa. I’m hoping to be in Shanghai by the end of this year.

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  1. Amazing music Robbie! Keep up the good work!

    • hov, og som rÃ¥d vil jeg sige at dba har ret mange lækre unikke ting, og sÃ¥ har min veninde sat nogle &#8r20;gevire2” op i hendes gang sammen med en hvid bænk, det ser virkelig lækkert ud

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