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“I was waiting for it to hit me…”


This quote from the film “The Beach” has been floating in and out of my head most days ever since I entered Asia. The drivers have been getting progressively worse the further east I go leaving me in a state of constant anxiety. I knew it was only a matter of time.

Day 2 of my 5 day Turkmenistan traversal a tractor towing a trailer overtook me then cut across me before he had cleared me. My foot found the ground and I stumbled to the side completely unharmed. My bike and trailer were twisted and turned over by the juggernaut. I initially screamed all hell at the tractor. The driver looked in his mirror at me and carried on.

The damage:

So I had to take a train to Turkmenabat. I wheeled the bike to the bazaar where a group of men bodged together a fix for my handlebars. They kindly refused to take any money and I could once again cycle. The next day I arrived at the border with Uzbekistan.

The loss of the guitar was heartbreaking for me. I’ve carried it for almost 10,000km from my home in Scotland. I feel a void now that it is gone and hope to buy a new one when I reach Almaty in Kazakhstan. If you would like to make a donation towards the new guitar and have your name engraved into the body you can make a donation here.

Many thanks, Robbie.

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  1. Hi Robbie,

    We are a music-loving, bike-only family and were much saddened to read about your guitar and bike. We have made a small donation to your recovery fund. If you are indeed serious about having the name of your helpers engraved in the body of your new guitar, can you pls add Artist as Family. Best of luck on your adventure! Much love, Meg, Patrick and Zephyr in Daylesford, Australia.

    • Absolutely Meg. Just been reading your blog and I love it. It makes me want to come via Australia and say hello. Will follow your blog/facebook with interest and many many thanks for the donation.

  2. omg, I am very sorry to see the misfortune that has befallen you. I am very glad you are safe and were not harmed in the accident. I give you props for not letting it get to you to much and for bouncing back from it so quick. Best of luck on your continuing trip. I shall try to get some extra money together so that I can make a donation at some point, I’m sorry I can’t give one right away but I will try to soon.

  3. Sorry to hear about your incident and the loss of your guitar. I’ve made a small donation (don’t bother with the engraving). I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels.

    Hope the winter weather is kind to you.

    D. E.
    Achnamara, Scotland

  4. Hello, Robbie! i am a shop asistant in that small music shop in Almaty.
    if only i was the owner of this music shop i could give that guitar to you as a gift for free! )

    i was sure that you got into this accident in Almaty… i would never think anything bad of people in Turkmenistan but practice shows that people are same everywhere.

    i envy you so much! you are 24 and out for a journey around the world on your own. free and independent !

  5. Happy to read that you were not hurt badly I am so sorry to read about your guitar. Hopefully you’ll find a new one. I’ll throw my share into the basket.

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