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New Zealand


New Zealand – Christchurch to Cromwell via Arthur’s Pass and the West Coast. Cromwell back to Christchurch then on to Picton via Kaikoura and across the Cook Strait to Wellington.


Huge thanks to Laura Fergusson, my host here in Laguna Beach, California, for letting me stay and use her laptop to edit this video. Huge thanks to Mum and Dad for the GoPro sponsorship also.

Features 3 new unreleased recordings (visit for more music).

Shot using a GoPro Hero 2 and occasionally using a Canon Powershot A1200.

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  1. My good friend Bonnie from Strawberry Bike Shop said you came into town and that you were traveling around the world with your guitar. If you’re still in the area I’d like to introduce you to my brother Eric who has a music studio here in town and he also has a line of guitars that you should see. Who knows….maybe you’d be able to record some of your tracks or something….if you’re sticking the heat wave out. Let Bonnie or myself know where you are and if you’re ok. This heat wave is a monster and it won’t be getting any better for the next few days. We both look forward to hearing from you. Bonnie hopes you got the BB REPAIRED also.


    • That would have been great to take you up on that offer Michael. Alas I’m in Arizona now, alls well, survived the heat, it’s actually quite wet here!

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