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USA (part 1)

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USA (part 1) – LA to Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree National Park. Then Arizona through Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Over the rockies through Colorado and down to the Plains of Kansas followed by Missouri. I then took the train back to Flagstaff, Arizona from Kansas City.

Huge thanks to the McCormack family for use of their Mac to edit this video. Huge thanks to Mum and Dad for the GoPro sponsorship also.

Features “Outsourced from China” and “Derail” from the album “Painting the Trees”. (visit for more music).

Shot using a GoPro Hero 2.

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One Comment

  1. Nice video Robbie! The GoPro seems to be THE gadget par excellence. Considering to buy one as well at some point since it not only seems incredibly convenient during travel due to seize and weight, but also nice for a few adventures in between. Even though it may depend as well on the additional equipment such as mounts, right!?
    Anyway, great work in putting this video together! I’m sure you had to comb through a massive amount of footage… :)

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